Radiators & Cooling Systems

Radiators and cooling systems not only keeps the engine cool but to also keep its temperature warm enough to ensure efficient, clean operation of your vehicle. Malfunctioning of the cooling system can cause a lot of problems like reduced power, fuel efficiency and engine lifespan, as leaking coolant damages the head gasket, and expansion caused by overheating damages the cylinders and piston heads. If you leave the cooling system untreated for a more extended period, it may render your vehicle immobility, with the cost of repairs being comparable to buying a second-hand car.

Here at Metropolitan Autogas, we can help you with :

  • Radiator/heater unit repairs and replacement
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Coolant flush and a leak check
  • Thermostat check and replacement

If your vehicle is leaking coolant or overheating, contact us today!